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Start earning money from breaking news video with these simple steps.

When you hear sirens or see flashing lights, get your camera ready-- We're looking for crime, crashes, fires and protests.


The most important thing to remember is film breaking news with your phone held horizontal. We have a full list of pro tips below.


Upload your breaking news video right from this page. Be sure to include the location and a detailed description of the scene.


We'll immediately start marketing your video to our clients. When a license is purchased, you get paid $50 via PayPal the next day*

Where to find Breaking News

Breaking News is everywhere, so keep your eyes open!

Get real-time news alerts within the five boroughs of New York City by following the @NYC_Alerts911 twitter account. It is not affiliated with

News Alerts
Clients are more likely to purchase licenses for professional-quality video.
Hold it Horizontal

Hold your phone horizontally while filming and keep it steady. That means no moving, talking or zooming.

Get Multiple Angles

Shoot video close up, medium distance and far away for a variety of shots. Repeat from different angles.

Keep Clips Short

It’s best to keep video clips short, only 10 to 15 seconds long each. If there’s action happening, keep recording.

Get Lots of Video

The more video, the better! Shoot 10 to 15 clips of the scene so you have two to three minutes of video in total.

Everything you need to know to get started.

Where will my video broadcast? works hard to make you money by marketing your video to TV News Channels and News Websites nationwide.

To do that, we will publish your content to our social channels and website. We may also distribute your content with partners under a no-fee license for promotional purposes.

Since there is no purchase of a license, you will not be paid for any promotional use.

I uploaded, when will I get paid?

Each time a client purchases a license for your content, will pay you $50 via PayPal the next business day. If a license is not purchased, you do not get paid.

What are my responsibilities?

By consenting to our Content Submission Agreement, you are appointing as the exclusive distributor of your content. That means you agree to not distribute, sell or license your submitted content to any other organizations, or permit them to use your content for free.

You may post your submitted video to your social media channels, but must direct all use and or licensing inquiries to

What if I never hear from you?

If you’re never contacted by, it means no video licenses were purchased by our clients. Do not contact us regarding the status of your video.

Can I stay anonymous? does not include your name in the video’s watermark or require on-screen credit for content owners to protect your privacy.

We may contact you or share your contact information with our clients for payment and video verification purposes. You can learn more in our Privacy Policy.

Will I get a Press Pass? does not provide press passes or credentials of any kind under our ‘Spot News Get Paid’ user generated content submission program.

What about taxes?

We do NOT require a W-9 or provide an IRS 1099 form. Since we pay you with PayPal, your tax information is handled by PayPal. Read more about it here.
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